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Thursday, March 09, 2006


I know. It's quite old. But if you havent seen it and like problemsolving-point n klick in a specific order-type of games like the previously posted Hapland? Well. Your in luck. This is still one of the best and most good looking ever done! The guys at Amanita Design has also made a followup - Samorost2, you might play a few demolevels for free but need to cash up and order it on CD if you want the full game.
What are you waiting for? Go help the little white gnome to save his homeworld. Czech it out.


At Wednesday, 08 March, 2006, Blogger Ross said...

i cant see an email on here, so im posting this here, you should feature this game:

At Wednesday, 08 March, 2006, Blogger Ross said...

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