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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Sometimes you might want something more gamewise than just your 5 minute quick fix. Caravaneer is nothing but a fully fledged strategy and rpg game that will keep you busy and occupied for a severe amount of time. A really intricate trading game, tons of options (and yes, you can save your progress. And yes, you will need it - took me two tries to even get my first serious revenue) You start out small, but will eventually get the knack of being a caravaneer. Trade stuff, be sure to have your supplies in order, hire gunmen, get better transportation, fight off the robbers in turnbased combat and (hopefully) get filthy rich in the process. This reminds me of when I got hooked on Fallout back in the day and spent waaaay to many nights in front of my old Pentium II...

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