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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dawn of the Dead - Blackout

We got this tip all the way from Japan - thanks Pont-Chan. I'm a big fan of Zombie movies. Ever since I first saw the 1968 classic Night of the living dead I've been hooked. In 2004, the remake of George A. Romeros Dawn of the Dead hit the cinemas and as a zombiefilm, this one delivered. Hordes of horribly disfigured walking dead, a small group of people besieged by them, and scene after scene depicting an infinite number of ways of how to best dispose of attacking zombies (usually containing a lot of headshots and splattered brains). Here's a promotional game from the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Trapped in an underground parking garage, equipped with a trusty pump-action shotgun, you have to try and last for as long as possible. Sweep the area with your barrelmounted flashlight, keep an eye on the in-game radar, and blast the f***ers before they climb the fence and take a bite out of you. Brrraaaains, I need brrraaaaains!

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