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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Interview - Remus

Have you played Quake III Forever in shockwave yet? It looks amazing and work suprisingly well.

We got a short interview with the man behind the code:

Tell me about yourself.
Undead creature born in Romania 39 years ago.

When did you start developing games?
I can't remember. Probably in 1985 (Sinclair Spectrum, Z80 machine code & assembler)

How long has it taken to develop Quake III?
I don't know because is still under development. Over 2 months so far.

What is the key to build a succesful game in your opinion?
Very hard to say because there're too many things involved.
But if you need a simple answer, let's say "the ability to predict".

What will be your next game?
I have a bunch of requests and several projects "on hold". I can't give you an answer at this

What are your favourite games?
1) Warcraft 2
2) Doom 2
3) Deus Ex


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