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Monday, July 10, 2006

Korean Flash Games Galore!

Today it's Korean games-day! From Korean gameproducers Eni Studios we bring you a whole bunch of wonderful, cute and pretty weird games to sooth your gaming cravings. As none of the We Are game-crew understands aven the slightest bit of Korean, we can't offer you any real instructions on how to play them or even their proper names. But believe me, they are quite enjoyable anyway!

초이의 위기일발
Keep the cabbageplant out of the way. Watch out for the giant pink, eh ...thing.

키니의 바다사냥
Oh my god! The evil blowfish are attacking!
Shoot arrows using space.

키니위니 점프점프
This one is really nice! Depending on what kind of animal you are about to run into you have to duck, slide or jump. On later levels you also have to match the colour of them by pressing the right key.

This one's called Angel Pang. Hit the bubbles with your magic plumber.



At Tuesday, 11 July, 2006, Blogger JoacimW said...

Nice one!

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Anonymous MathijsBuster said...

All clones of games I've seen before, but in a very cute edition. ^^
Great animation, and I love the music in the last one!

Also, in the second one, you can use the 'A' button to fire missiles and the 'S' button for a super attack once the meter has filled up.


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