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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Terrific Menace Of The Invaders of Audiogalaxy

Aha! I've had my eyes on this one for a while. An italian game that finally are translated into english for all us non-italian speakers. A bit slow and sluggish, but pretty nice as point-and-click adventures go. Kind of reminds me of the LucasArt-classic "Day of the Tentacle". Molto bene! Here's the developers own description of the game:
Turin 2010.
How original: an alien spaceship is approaching Earth.
A beam fired from this interstellar craft hits the home of an unassuming boy, abducting him and his computer.
Onboard the spaceship he awakens trapped within a strange sealed transparent cell, destined to unravel the terrific menace before him. To stop the invading aliens and their musical evil plan (to enslave all humanity of course) our young hero will have to undertake an adventure through time, visiting musical legends in Turin, London, and even the legendary Woodstock!

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