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Monday, May 07, 2007

A bunch of korean games

As usual, it's not very easy to grasp the meaning of these games - could be advergames with some overly cute character from a producer of cupnoodles/cookies/candy or famous from childrens cartoons. I guess you have to be of korean origin to get it. ...And they are not all that innovative or good gamingwise, some of them, you hardly understand how to play at all. Never the less - the colourfulness, perky music and north east asian kitsch always gets me in a really good monday morning mood!

Seems to be a game with a chocolate mushroom. Sort of a puzzlegame - put the right shapes in the corresponding holes.

Hmmm. Haven't figured this one out really - I think you sort of bake stuff...

Cute Jump-n-Run. Watch out for the water (as cats don't like getting wet... fair enough) and for some reason, the mice. (Wich korean cats hate as well - 'cause they're all vegitarian?)

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