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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nitrome x 4

Oh man. Sure is slow around here sometimes, isn't it...? Lucky for us, Nitrome aren't! They are putting games out faster than my one year old is processing his last meal - and that's pretty darn fast. Another difference is that it's not all crap. Hopefully they can keep the standards they've set even with the high output. Two new games since I last posted (last week) and by golly, it seems we missed two releases previous to those. Sorry 'bout that...

Thin Ice
Skate loops around the monsters to open up holes.
Loads of bonuses and stuff to collect.

Bounce away. Annoyingly difficult to control...

Pest Control
Swat like crazy - will make your index finger cry for mercy...

Off The Rails
Two boogers with sombreros on a handcart. Pump your heart out.

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