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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warbears Weekend!

Oh goody! Mission nr 3 is just out. But to remind you of the good stuff leading up to this latest mission, why not give 'em all another go. Or maybe you have'nt played any of them yet? Well, then you have an hour or two of wicked warbear puzzlesolving fun in front of you.

Mission 1 - The Bank Robbery
The evil groundhogs are robbing the bank!

Mission 2 - Training Time
It's training time for the Warbears.

Mission 2.5 - Puzzle block game
The Warbears are on their way to the location of Mission 3, but something has diverted their attention.

Mission 3 - An Oceanic Problem
An S.O.S. signal from the Gas Platform in the Great Ocean!

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