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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Music Cube

Oh joy! Monday once more! And what better way to kick off a brand new week than by taking this musical quiz? Choose your favourite decade and artist/album/song and solve the sometimes somewhat farfetched picture riddles. (see pic...) Seems to be an advergame for a mobile searchengine called taptu.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Iron Dukes

One of the best games this year! So good it's actually up for "Best browser game" in the Independent Games Festival. Instantly likeable mix of action/rpg where you commandeer a ship with up to three crewmen. You will encounter storms, fight evil foes an dive for treasure. You're in it for the money, wich will let you equip your crewmen with better gear/up their stats to help you on your quest for booty on the seven seas. Good fun, and great artwork.
... too bad this is only the first map. To play the whole game you unfortunately have to buy it... Bummer... Didn't realize that when I started posting it, but it's never the less a great little game.

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Lt. Fly vs The Spiders From Above

Great title and a great game. Or rather two games in one! Not only is it a classic stack 'em up, it's also a shooter. You need to gather ammo by getting four colors in a row and at the same time shoot down the evil attacking spiders. Go on solidier! Get out there and show me your crazy puzzling/markmanship multitasking skills.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cursor * 10

Wonderful little game! Get to the top (16th floor) with your cursor. You only got a certain amount of time though, but ten cursors in all. So you have to cooperate with yourself.

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Mass Attack

Talk about weight problems! (Did I just came up with that joke? I´m frickin brilliant.)

Anyhow, try to balance the scales by creating balls with your mouse. And, yeah, also, kill the music Via Digg

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hydro v.1.1

Yeah. It makes perfect sense. A flying waterspouting battledroid under attack from a diversity of marine robots.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

StormWinds 1.5

I played StormWinds 1.0 a while back, and didn't post it for some reason. Now the new hotter version has come out, and I have to say that although I don't really know or remember what eventually has been improved since I played it last time, I do know I like it better now. Maybe it really is better, or maybe I just was in the mood this time for a nice looking defence game with a lot of different enemies and upgrades.

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The Fancy Pants Adventure - World 2

Finally! Here's the sequel to one of the best jump n' runs ever. Fancy Pants Adventure World 2! Seems like a lot of work has gone into this one - new moves, funny little backgrounds and wouldn't you know it, a very plausible plotline!

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Looking for a little game to fill your time with? Filler will do the trick. Fill up 2/3 of the area with balls by click-holding. Watch out for the bouncy balls. And don't get blinded by the amazing graphics. Just kidding, but a good game really doesn't have to be more complex or fancy than that.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Such a nice little web toy this is! It reminds me of Line rider.

Sketch is basically a 2D physics engine + a paint tool made in Flash. It got me hooked indeed.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Puzzler with a somewhat scary soundtrack. Sounds like it's from some B-rated 80:s chick flick or something... brrr.... The game is nice though. Drag the dots and untangle the web so that no lines cross.

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Back again after the holidays! Happy everything to everybody by the way. Spent some time the other day clicking my way trough this nice looking puzzler called Synapsis. And I quite enjoyed it as well.

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