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Monday, July 31, 2006


This game is only in swedish but it shouldn't be that hard to understand though. Match your clicks to the RPM and try to time the best angle on the bridge to jump as far as possible. In this game you can actually win something without risking anything 1st price is 10.000 SEK and 2-10 price is 5.000 SEK in gas!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


A smooth Asteroids clone. Did you know that the original Asteroids was released back in 1979?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Code of the Samurai

It seems to be a violent day today. But who can resist a platform samurai game from Cartoon network?

Speaking of samurais, have you seen these pictures from the first online demonstration with over 10 000 participants? Don´t mess with China. Made me smile...


The 12 fighters

We all know it´s a fact. Fighting games made with Flash sucks. But this one, this was sure an exception. Maybe it´s cuz Olivier Gilli borrowed the graphics from Street Fighter III and the music from Daft Punk. Surprisingly smooth and fast. Well done!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sweety Puzzle

Haven´t you actually worked all morning like there´s no tomorrow? Of course you have. Isn´t it really time for a short coffee break? Of course it is. Here´s something sweet for you.

And remember, we care.


Loco Roco

This game has it all; orginality, great graphics and great music. It´s apparently a game for PSP but more of a Nintendo DS fan boy so I don´t give a damn.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Extreme climbing

This was a nice time waster. Climb up the walls and collect points.

Ninja Golf

Ninja Golf. At last. We have all been waiting for this game.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Monkey Cliff dive

This game is not suited for Jane Goodall. These cliff monkeys sure want to swim in the ocean and you need to tell the when to dive or not.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Downhill Duel

The talented and very productive people at Inbox has released a brand new 3D game. Looks good, works fine and has the very nice option of racing ghostraces against your friends! Pretty clever.

Finally. I'm off on vacation for four weeks. Take care y'all and blog on.
XOX /Sonny

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This is accually a quite clever mix between games like 1942 and tetrisish-remove-blocks games.
Also, what a great piece of relaxing music.

Hover over the targets with your mouse, then hit space bar.

Cubic Exploding Goro

Interesting, weird and really ugly japanese game similar in idea to Orisinals Bugs and Pretty Pretty Bang Bang. By holding down your mouse you will expand an explosive bubble around your angular hero Goro. Release to explode and effectively get rid of your attackers. Make use of the explosive powers to jump out of the way of incoming rounds. First few levels are pretty easy, but as you progress you will face stuff like tanks and enemies on hoverbikes.


Happy and Smile

haha där fik ni era satans möss!! glö! ni är å äkliga attt man kräääks. vårt att hita tagentna på bord tagenbodet.

Post updated by Sonny Limbo:
Sorry for the first message. Jonas was apparently drinking beer yesterday and decided to post a game when he got home. All he wanted to say was, this was a great shoot em up / platform game. Aaaand, don´t try to write stuff when you are drunk.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chiko – Accidental Alien

Huge, awesome looking and really well made 3-part game where you play as Chiko, a guy that accidentally ends up on another planet and the biggest amusement park in the galaxy. In order to get home he has to solve puzzles, collect stuff, perform quests, beat minigames etc. Takes quite a while to load, but will keep you busy for a long time. Thankfully it comes with the ability to save and pick up where you left.

Very nice indeed! (Haven't made it all that far yet, but have a feeling that I will come back a few times to finish the game during my vacation...)

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Grow Nano V.0

ON has puy up a preview version of a brand new GROW-game on his blog. It's only version 0, and updates are promised soon, so don't expect the fully fledged Eyezmaze-extravaganza just yet. Click on the hotspots as fast as you can.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

It´s not for the graphics I´m posting this one. That´s for sure. Blow up stuff and watch the chain reaction. Watch out for the evil and quite abstract bosses.


Deadwood Dead man´s hand

Care for some Texas hold em? Fuel industries has made this amazingly looking poker adgame for the tv show Deadwood. This time it´s not made in Flash or Director. They´ve used the Virtools plug in which means lots of cool 3D stuff.

You ask me if it´s entertaining, mister? You bet your ass.

Reel Fishing

Feeling a bit bored..? No worries mate! I reckon you should put on your hat, grab that sixpack of VB and go fishin'. Drag your mouse from the head of the fisherman and let go to cast your line, tap his head or use your mousewheel to reel in. Whoooah! Two fishing games in a row! (Yup, my vacation is upcoming and you see where my mind is at already...)

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Polowanie na gruba rybe

I think the title means something like "Spearfishing is not illegal in Poland" or "I prefer fishfingers" or "Saltwater aquarium killingspree is the shit", but I can't be sure. Anyway, catch as many fish as you can before your ponybottle is empty. Spearing the cute fishies are a no-no and the uglier ones scores points. Bonus for hitting the occasional crab.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mr Don

The last korean games seemed to make a lot of people really happy, so here's another one for you! This time it's a 21-level platform jumper starring a bawling pig in search for his love (miss Piggy?) stolen by some evil asian supervillain in a metal contraption. (This is probably explained in the extensive- but oh so only in korean - instructions.) The graphics are, naturally, cute as hell and the intro animations are really great. Just look at all that snot...! Annoying jazzy muzak, but it can thankfully be turned off. Made by Pure Pulse.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Samurai Jack - Cavern Raid

Samurai platform jumper with slightly more graphics than previously posted Super Serif Brothers. Otherwise then that, it's pretty much the same game. Find the keys, jump, hack, slash and maim your way through the caverns. BANZAAAAAAIIIIII!!!!


Super Serif Brothers

Another amazing high-end, supersmooth, graphically stunning original idea from the masterminds of This game really takes the tired concept of platform-jumpers to the next level.


Gorillaz Room Attache

I wonder how many airport security checkpoints you would clear if even half of these objects actually were in your attache-case. Great excercise for any upcoming vacation –"Hmm, I just know I packed my blowtorch and martini-shaker in here somewhere..." Nice little stow-the-stuff puzzler from the Gorillaz.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Bounty Decathlon

By now you should know that we love minigames. Therfor I was very pleased when I found this 10-part-minigame, a decathlon in housekeeping. What about cleaning the toilet seat on time? Slapping Audrys hand to stop her from pinching the bangers. Nice game with good graphics!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mini Games

This one's quite old, but so good I just had to post it. Six different and great classic handheld-style minigames made for the Cartoon Network. Man, those Powerpuff-girls are really cute.

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Cinema Sequence

So, you think you are a real movie-buff? Try this sequential quizgame and find out just how good you are. 5 rounds with maximum 10 questions each. Match the movie title with the right actor, then match the actor with another movie, then match that movie with yet another actor etc. Each correct answer will lead you to a new one. Get all 10 in a sequence to really rack up points for the final lightning round., hmmm, did Josh Hartnet starr in "The general's daughter" or "Armageddon"...? Damn, this is pretty hard!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Logic Puzzle

Like the classic notpron game. Use some logic thinking, some language knowledge (online dictionary), some Wikipedia searching and some googling and you should get further than I did..

Panzo Invaders

And here's the second Panzo-game today! Our little furry panda friend is back, and this time he's up against even harder foes. Practically the same game as Gel Invaders, but now there are more and tougher invaders, more powerups and more balls for Panzo to throw.


Silver Bullet Light by Coors Light

This is one of the best advergames I've seen in a looong time. The graphics is stunning for such a light web-game and the gameplay is great! 3 different courses with 5 goals on each. The game is something like an action-golf version of the Tony Hawk games for Playstation.

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Redneck Roadsign

If you've been driving in America you must have seen these roadsigns pierced through by led. Rednecks using their constitutional right to pack heat and when they see a harmless roadsign they are too trigger happy to just drive by. I don't know if you call this a game since you don't earn any scores but I think it was funny. Happy shooting!

Panzo Shugyo

You know it! It's yet another crazy mini game, this time from Panzo. There are 10 mini games in this one and I won't tell you how to play them since finding out is a part of the game! I love the music, kinda 80's-american-game-show-intro. Have fun!

Zefrank Racing Game

Tricky moon-lander game, nice graphics!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Can't believe I haven't posted this one earlier - this is absolutely brilliant! Fast and easy multiplayer mayhem in an adorable way. Sort of a clone between the classic Scorched Earth and Worms. Create your own character and choose team, Blooz or Grïez. Enter the arena for a 3 against 3 turnbased deathmatch. You have 10 seconds to choose weapon (you need kills to upgrade your weaponry), move to a striking position and get your aim right. If you don't want to register, hit Quick Play. Love it. It's great. Most fun I've had for a long while. Oh man, those Bloc Media people are geniuses. Have to stop writing superlatives. And play just one more game....

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Man Down*

* Full title: Get yourself down a 100 levels if you are a man... which is quite long and awkward for a game that seems to be far shorter than the promised 100 levels. (It actually might be, but it's pretty hard and, damn! I haven't gotten past level 7 yet!) Same game/idea as previously posted Fall Down and Hellbound.

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Stylish, simple and quick. Collect as many eggs as you can as the globe spins beneath you. Duck or jump with arrowkeys - hit a downarrow-symbol to decrease speed and uparrows to increase (points for eggs gets higher as the speed comes up.) Don't hit the cross-symbol, as it's instant death.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Zizou Headbutt

So. The Fifa Football World Cup is over, and Italy are the champions. Forza Azzurri! Although the great Zinedine Zidane made a serious effort of decimating the Italian team by headbutting Matterazzi in the final minutes of the game. Here's a little minigame for all you "soccer"-illiterate northamericans who find anything but american football a game for sissypants. Headbutt away!

Thanks to Kaiser for the tip!


Monster Truck Unleashed

Stimunation has released an updated version of their insanely popular Monster Truck game. This one's made for Wrigley's Candystand, so you can get your truck in several bubblegum varieties. Complete each course and meet the objectives to proceed to the next.

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Diesel & Death

Rev up your engine for a race to the death. Collect the powerups and use them to get ahead or rid of your opponent. Beware though, or he will certainly give you the same courtesy... If that's not enough motorcycle mania for you, (and you happen to be in Sweden), be sure to check out the Dennis Hopper classic Easy Rider on channel 1 tonight.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Korean Flash Games Galore!

Today it's Korean games-day! From Korean gameproducers Eni Studios we bring you a whole bunch of wonderful, cute and pretty weird games to sooth your gaming cravings. As none of the We Are game-crew understands aven the slightest bit of Korean, we can't offer you any real instructions on how to play them or even their proper names. But believe me, they are quite enjoyable anyway!

초이의 위기일발
Keep the cabbageplant out of the way. Watch out for the giant pink, eh ...thing.

키니의 바다사냥
Oh my god! The evil blowfish are attacking!
Shoot arrows using space.

키니위니 점프점프
This one is really nice! Depending on what kind of animal you are about to run into you have to duck, slide or jump. On later levels you also have to match the colour of them by pressing the right key.

This one's called Angel Pang. Hit the bubbles with your magic plumber.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cannon Ball Follies 2

Help Yosemite Sam to get to the treasure. Aim and fine tune the power with your arrow keys and fire with the space bar. The first levels are ridiculous easy but when you're through the first rounds the difficulty level slightly rise.

(Sorry for not linking the game to its official site but I couldn't get it working on that URL)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nudist Trampolining

Seems like everybody has left their cubicals now to catch some precious sun. This is the only game I found today worth mentioning. Use your arrowkeys and the numpad to pull off some sweet jumps and catch the highest score! This game is actually an advergame for the movie Confetti.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Floating Assault

Damn, I tried, but couldn't find any supergames today (yet). You'll have to make do with another fast and smooth arcade space shooter until I find something really good. I'll be back.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stealth Hunter

Remember the Commandos-games from Eidos interactive? This is not quite as good, albeit built on the same idea of combining stealth and necksnapping action in an isometric environment. Sneak stealthily around (looking kind of like you've been crapping in your camo-pants) and get undetected to the exitpoint to proceed to the next level. Make the best use of the fact that all the guards are extremely shortsighted and stupid. Tap the wall to lure them in close, use explosives to blow up obstacles. Cudos for a really ambitious project.