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Friday, March 31, 2006

Switch'em off

Yup, I'm feeling a bit environmental today. Here's a perfect friday afternoon challenge for all you fastclickers out there. It's part of a WWF-campaign against dirty powerstations polluting the atmosphere. Turn them off as fast as you can to prevent climate change and global warming. 224507 points did'nt get me into the highscores, but I'm pretty confident you can't beat me. Go on, prove me wrong.


Pong - Das Hörspeil

Hehe, how bad are you at playing pong when you´re only hearing the moves?

PIS - Order to go

It´s not often you get the chance to shoot young danish leftists, anarchists and ultra liberals. Well, thanks to the tv channel TV2 Denmark, now you can. Enjoy life


Knife Throw

Remember, if you deliberately trying to hit her, you´re a very sick guy.

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Gunny Bunny

Intense and twisted Flash 3D shooter with loads of different weapons. Quite fun indeed.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

GlobZ: TwinSpin 2

Whoa! This little game really got me hooked for real! You are two GlobZ (one red and one yellow) and you have to navigate by moving one at a time, and this is the sweet part about it. The navigation is a bit tricky and this game will turn out much more difficult than you first might have thought. Collect the blue GlobZ, catch power-ups and reach the finish before the time runs out!



I love Google's Image Search so therefore I love this game. I consider myself somewhat a pro when it comes to guessing images. Anyways. In this game you are given 20 images and you have 20 seconds to guess what keyword was used to find them. You get points for correct answer and a bonus depending on how fast you are. Try to beat my score of 328 pts!


Zelda - The collection of pills

This was a funny remake of Pacman. Nice midi music.



Wonderful, weird and absolutely japanese. And we love it. The aim of the game is to send the character Taichi flying as far as possible by having Nanaca crash into him full force with her bicycle. While Taichi is bouncing away he will bounce into several characters standing along the course, each influencing his flight in different ways depending on a number of circumstances. You can get combos, summon other characters and activate special abilities by clicking the word "Special" when it appears. Clicking your mouse when the word "Arial" is highlighted will teleport Nanaca to perform an arial crash and give Taichi a boost. In short, this game is not as simple as it might seem at first. Zuubaaaaaan!


Pandaf Golf II

Not exactly new this one either... but what the heck. Lovely and adorably cute "golfing" game with a lot of levels and the possibility to create your own course/levels for others to try out. Fore!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Quest for the Rest

Prepare for a Wednesday-afternoon-trip, in the psychedelic game called Quest for the Rest, this is actually a advergame for The Polyphonic Spree's latest album. The big question is whether you call this a game or experience, nice music and nice graphics. The help file promises a reward if you succeed to guide the trio through the three levels!

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Yes, of course. We have all played Frogger. We have all tried to get the damn suicidal/brave frog across the road. But the real question is - have you ever completed it??? Have you? Now, it´s time for you to really play it so you add it to the list of "Classic games I have completed" alongside with Super Mario Bros, International Karate and Summer games.

I found some short facts about the game over at Wikipedia: It first appeared as a Konami developed arcade game and was originally going to be titled "Highway Crossing Frog".

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Arcade-style galore! If you like the old Atari classic Asteroids you definately will enjoy a lunchbreak game of Belter. It might be a looong lunchbreak though, as there are 99 levels, over 20 different kinds of spacejunk to shoot up as well as several boss- and puzzle-levels. Now, quit stalling, fire up those photon torpedoes and beam me up, Scotty!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pepsi NexGame

Cool advergame from Pepsi Japan. I found it very difficult but maybe that's just me who suck at this. You have to run and click to destroy a series of ice walls. It's all about timing baby.

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Once again, a classic. This is like a nice twist of a multiplayer-breakout-game. Your standing on a multi-layer platform and each time your opponent throw a ball you can't catch you will fall down one step. Try to hit the specials and stay alive for as long as possible!


NoName Game V.1.3

I know you've played this kind of game before - the red dot is attached to your pointer and you have to take it from start to finish in shortest time possible. Without touching the walls. This one's been around for a while, but now it's updated with highscores.


Monday, March 27, 2006


Try to bounce the ball for as long as possible.


Nimian Flyer Legends

We've had quite a few car-driving games lately, like to flap your wings for a change? Here's the really nice follow-up by Robert Kabwe to Nimian Flyer and Nimian Flyer 2. You are controlling the small firebreathing dragon Salamond. Fly across the land and defeat larger enemies, collect different coloured bugs to gain health and power. Burn baby, burn.


Gonzo Stunt Game

Crank up your speakers and fire away Gonzo in this wacky game.

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Hapland III

Have you spent hours of perplexion and agonizing trial-and-error-befuddlement to finally master the previously featured Hapland I and Hapland II? Really? Then you're sure to be jumping with joy over the fact that Rob Allen has done it again and released another Hapland game for your stick figure puzzle-clicking pleasures. Fire up those synapses and get ready for yet a few hours of interactive bizarrities. (Kazumakzak's probably gonna call in sick today ;-)

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Get your socks on and lets play som Fuseball. Highly entertaining, indeed. Choose between Funk and Folk.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Viva La Volley

From Inbox Digital comes this fresh soccer game called Viva La Volley, it's all about doing spectacular volleyshots. Start your own league and challenge your friends!


Friday, March 24, 2006

The Streaking game

I always wanted to pretend I was an streaker


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lunar Mouse

A classic lunar lander-concept, nothing new, but really well done. Guide yor little red rocketship through mazelike caverns made of cheese. To replenish your fuel and repair your ship look for the landingpads scattered across the caves. To open blast doors blocking your path, you need to find a spacemouse in a bubble and drop them on a rollerdevice. Simple as that. Just don't hit any walls or run out of gas.


Wheels of Salvation

Uh-oh. Dr Carter is trapped under ground and the lava is rising. Use the "Wheels of Salvation" to get him to safer grounds, collect gems and crystals for bonuses and powerups.


From Space With Love

A Flash game created for Animoweb 4th Edition "The Cult of War and the Culture of Peace". The game won the second jury prize at the contest. Convert the soldierdudes into neohippielooking pacifist-dudes by beaming them up into your flying saucer. Shantiii...!


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shooting Force

Remember the old arcade classic 1942? This is like that game, only now your on a bike and shoot other cars and in japanese and in shockwave. Other than that. It pretty much the same. Launch it will ya?

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Digby's Donuts

Collect the falling donuts and match them with the donuts piles. An entertaining lunch break game, I think.


The Fancy Pants adventure

This platform game created by Brad Borne & Geier Arnold has a very smooth and sketchy feeling.

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Odubang 1 and 2

Take one stick figure, draw up the grapics in MS Paint, add as much point n' click-mayhem as you muster, and you got yourself a winning concept. Do we see a trend here? (Previously posted Hapland, Stick Arena) Your goal is to guide the little guy trough the levels without getting trapped, impaled, crushed, beheaded, etc. Try them out: Odubang 1 and Odubang 2

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

RSVP: The Dinner Party Game

Highly addictive puzzle solitare game. Your goal is to make every guest satisfied with their neighboor by matching the colors of the card. Nice 60's-kind-of-graphics.


3 little pigs

There seems no end to how many mutations of paring and swapping symbols games that can made. Here's 3 little pigs that have little different approach to the genre. (Nice explosions)


Rocket Mania

Weve got a tip from Ross who really likes Rocket Mania. Now, we like it to.


Five Finger Fillet

An oldie, but goodie. Remember the scene from Aliens where the android shows off his inhuman speed by stabbing a knife between the fingers of one of the marines? Well, here's your chance to try the same thing without the risk of mutilating yourself or a friend. Klick on the pic to give manicure.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Trials Construction Yard

This one is tricky. I still havent been patient enough to get trought the first level. Do you?

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Elastic Soccer

Drag the players to kick the ball into the gooooooooooaaaaal!!!! GOOAAL GOOOOOOAAALL! GOOAAL!! G! O! A! L! Goal goal goal!


Chain reaction

This game has a very interesting concept. You just click on one of the switchs and watch them activates each others. The more activity the more points you get.


Blox Forever

This is a development of Bejeweled that I recently posted. The idea is to drag and match the symbols but to solve the puzzle you must choose the right symbols first.

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Swap and match symbols to get points. These type of games are more addictive than sugar.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Funky Truck Arizona

The rules are simple, get to the finish as fast a possible.

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Don't shoot the puppy

Damn! This one is really tricky!
I managed to not shoot the puppy for 10.34 minutes and made it allt he way to level 15. Almost had it at level 12 though....

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Netbabyworld is an old timer when it comes to web game sites. The guys behind the site have worked hard to create an unique web experince by for example creating their own Netbabyworld characters that all live on the same island - the Peninsula. The pixel art is great, the color scheme, the retro music and the controls are to die for. Explore the whole site if you havent visited them before. The best game they have made in my opinion is Tune-Inn. (If you like the bit pop music, dont forget to listen to one of my favourite bands - Pluxus)


Bomb Wars (beta)

Multiplayer bombwars! This is a betaversion of a new game from Inbox Digital. Lob a bomb at your opponent while keeping out of the way for his attempts of doing unto you what you obviously are trying to do to others. Hit the glowing disc in the middle to get bonus weapons as multibombs or invisibility. 3 hits is a kill, first to 2 kills win the match. And of course, there are multiplayer stats, world ranking, chat and singleplayer as well.

BP Ultimate Rally Challange

BP has, apparently, invented a new type of super fuel and to promote this, they have made a rally ad game using the 3D-engine in Director. The graphics are great but the controls are not exactly what I would describe as realistic. But hey, what do I know, I havent driven an Wolkswagen in 140 mph on dirt roads (officially... blink blink, authors remark) (Oooh no, Jonas, no one believes you are that kind of a guy. Sonny Limbos remark) (Damn! Just launch the game! All right? authors remark)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Topgear 2

Promotional 3-D racing game for the new Ford Fiesta. Complete the course in the fastest possible time. Personally, I'd prefer a 67 Mustang...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jockey Shots

A game similar in game concept to about a thousand others, but quite fun. (Might have something to do with kicking really small people into piles of horsemanure) Klick once to set p the power and to make the jockey take a jump, once to make the horse kick and send the little bugger flying. Hit various objects down the course to go further and earn more points.