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Friday, April 28, 2006

Zombie Storm

Oh no! The zombies are taking over the town, and you're the only hope to save all civilians. Armed with your trusty handgun you 'll have to blast away wave after wave of attacking undead. Keep an eye out for money powerups, as you can upgrade your arsenal of deadly zombieslaying weaponry. If you like this one, try our previously posted Zombiegames as well. Land of the dead, The hills have eyes, or Zombiegrinder 6000...

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Bond- From Russia with Love

Bond. James Bond. Has not been cool for two decades... Anyway, here's a pretty cool viral game to promote the PS/PC- Bond-game. In your pursuit of the kidnapped Tatiana you've found yourself at the Russian Consulate. There's only one way in - through a warehouse and into the Consulate chambers. Guide your Q-copter through the maze, pick up the explosives and blow an entrance.

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GridLock 3D

A 3D-puzzler that will turn your world upside down (literally) by Underdog, the same developers that made the previously posted Sky Bolter. Trapped in a three-dimensional wireframe maze you have to find your way out. Run with the arrowkeys, jump with space. Really cool idea, unfortunately it tends to crash my browser from time to time, (Firefox, Mac OSX).

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Professor Fizzwizzle

This nice looking puzzler has won both awards and acclaim, and it's really good casual gaming. The one featured here is the slim, online one. There is a multi-level one available for download as well - works with both Windows and Mac - with 230 levels. (The one that won the Casual Game of the Year 2005-award). Starts out simple enough with you having to get the professor from your starting point to the exit tube - but it gets trickier by each level. Damn, that ice is slippery!

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Land your german plane!

Reel Gold

Collect the gold by swinging the rope and catch it with the grasbbing hook.

Tube Run

Oohhh, this one gets really fast after a little while. Try to keep the little blue guy on the track by using your mouse, cautiously collect the blue powerups to get bonuspoints and go into slowmotion. Good mindless coffe-break gaming. How long can you last?

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Not exactly new this one, but I remember liking it so much first time I played it, so I decided to post it anyway. Rektor is supposedly a norwegian technopop-band, and this is the world´s first playable online music video. “Princess” was a completely new way to promote their single. As the video progresses, you need to play small games in order to earn "hearts". You will need 50 of them to save the kidnapped princess - or she'll kiss the dorky-looking guitarplayer instead. Really cool idea, haven't seen it implemented since this one was released.

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Garage door Tennis

I can still remember the warm mornings of the summer holidays when I was younger. We played all kind of sports in front of that garage door. Basketball, land hockey, soccer and of course, tennis! This game is all about keeping the ball game! Post your highscore! We are game, are you?



Howdie cowboy or cowgirl! Time to tangle the beast by the horns. Giddyup on that bull and try to keep your mouse focused on the center of the bull to avoid falling off. Nice one!


A wonderful and tricky puzzle with really nice physics and meditative feel. Try to keep the objects out of the water by hanging and rehanging them as more are added. By clicking on some of them you might change their weight.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cube Bugs

Chech game with a gameplay you've seen a thousand times before - but never the less, this one stands out with hyperquick, really good looking interface and adorably cute graphics. It's in german, but that shouldn't pose a problem as it's quite intuitive and similar to a number of games I'm sure you've already played. Type in a playername and get started. Klick on bugs of the the similar color/type to remove them from the board to proceed to the next level. There are 16 levels, and if you want more there's a followup game with even more bugs called Cube Bugs Platinum.


Monster Invasion

Oh no! The evil danish monstervikings are invading London again. Make use of all of your clever traps and devices mounted on the rooftops to keep them at bay for as long as possible.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Hummer Game

Do you speak dutch? Well, then you might understand exactly what what the two dope-heads want you to do and why in this driving game. I honestly don't know, but it's really well done. (OK I did understand that mission 3 has something to do with transporting illegal smokeable substances to coffeshops) Anyway, you got yourself a big yellow Humvee and some sort of missions - sort of looks and feels a bit like the original top-view GTA. Quite enjoyable for a while. Try it out. (...and if you know dutch, why not post a quick translation?)

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Free Style

I'm sorry if this is a little bit to tricky on a monday morning, at least you should be able to play the first levels without any major brain activity. But then it gets trickier. Bouce your ball on the red squares to make them all green and move on to the next row, avoid the X.


You got 10 seconds to spare? Good. Then play this super ultra rapid game, try to get 1000 pts to move on to the next level.

Family Guy Vs. American Dad

Fuel Industries has created this adgame for the upcoming DVD release of American Dads first season. Choose your favorite character and fight yourself all the way to the top. Apparently the megaboss is Ryo from Street fighter! It´s funny but a little slow in my opinion.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Find the worm

This one is very interesting. The goal is to find a worm, hiding somewhere in the game. The interesting part about the game is the way you control the character. You need to check it out to understand what the hell I´m talking about.

Base Jumping

Who will touch the ground first?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Optus Tennis Challenge

How can a simple game like this be so addictive?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Chick Flick

This game is so cute I can almost feel my titties growin' in this very moment I'm playing it. The concept is basic and takes us back to the days of Nintendo Game-n-Watch. Bounce the little yellow birdies to their nest and feed them with unicorns and worms. You gotta love the graphics!


A couple of years ago Nintendo released a game called Donkey Kong: King of Swing, the game itself might not have been the best there is but the gameplay and the funky way of moving really got me. This game is kind of the same thing, I really like the way you move around. Grab hand or feet and hang on to the closest ring, catch bananas and avoid the spiders!


Really well done Shockwave 3-D game - wich haven't crashed my mac yet. Fly a jet through three different missions. Steer with your mouse, accelerate/decelerate/fire gun/switch weapons with arrowkeys. Pretty straightforward, bomb a number of targets and fight a boss to clear the mission. As usual with these flyinggames, the hardest part is not to kiss the ground. Fire up those afterburners!

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Red Bull Flugtag

An adgame for the energy drink Red Bull. How far away can you fly?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Air Defence 3

Defend your base againt enemy planes. It´s unclear why they´re attacking your base and why they keep using the same tactics. Stupid enemy planes. Aaaaanyway, defend it (the base) and buy new weapons and buildings. Did I said it´s addicting?


Oh, this is one of those simple games out there that get you really hooked. Just try to keep your balance.

Lost Survival Game

Are you a Lost-fan? Then here's a game for you. Go and get Lost.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Do you like puzzle-solving and pushing stuff around Sokoban-style? Here's a brand new one for your pleasure. Great looking and quite tricky with the added difficulty of having cubes of different color and different characteristics. Move with the arrowkeys and push using spacebar. Complete the basic training to unlock harder puzzles.



Poor little Devlin. Bullied by the other demons for having no wings, he's determined to travel to the deeper regions of hell to claim a pair for himself.

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Interview - Phosphor

Maybe you have already played Phosphor, this amazing first person shooter made completely in Adobe Director? We made a short interview with the man, Nick Kang, behind the project. Read it here:

Who are you guys?
Rasterwerks is presently just myself. I wrote the game engine (on top of the Shockwave3D renderer), and did most of the visual effects and sounds, along with creating the current test map. Erik Asorson and his team ( created the characters, animations, and weapons.

How long has it taken to develop the game?
About 14 months total so far (I’ve been working on this project in between normal jobs for the past 2 years).

Why did you start the project?
To give the bored office worker something to do when the boss isn’t looking ;-) I hope to keep the game free, and will probably continue to support development with advertising.

What has been the most difficult part in the development?
Grafting multiplayer onto a code framework that didn’t support multiplayer originally (I would design things a little differently if I were to start today). The multiplayer code still needs a lot of work before it’s really playable.

How many people have played it so far?
Just checked my server stats, about 1041350 visits to that page since March 16, 2006.

Now. check it out!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Fun puzzle game, dribble your way through the defence by draggin' and droppin' the direction-pieces on the field!

Clash N Slash v2

Highly addicitive game! A lot of nice weapons and power-ups, the game is only 6 levels and kind of easy. If you get hooked there is a downloadable PC version for purchase.

Parking Perfection 2

We loved the first version of this game and we love the sequel as well! Arrow keys to move and spacebar to break. Don't bump other cars and make it in time! Another great one from Mousebreaker.

Egoist Mates

Reclaim your space! Your buddies are trying to make your space smaller as soon as you turn your back on them. Use your mouse to go left and right and click the button to push your space. Don't get caught while pushing and watchout for the nap-bombs!


This is a nice combination of Lost Vikings, action, turn based, humor and brain game.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pharao's Curse

Remember the classic swedish game Labyrint by Brio? Here's a nice similar game where you tilt the metal ball with the use of the arrowkeys. Watch out for the mummy.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Monk's Mind Game

Monk's Mind Game is an advergame for the Monk TV-show. The game is a total rip-off from Nintendo's Wario Ware and especially the Wario Ware: Touched. But since there's nothing I love more than MICRO-GAMES I cannot let you miss out on this one. This should keep you busy for at least a while! Enjoy!

Shootin' Starz

Nice game from Preloaded, shoot stars. The Z, X and C keys are standard but you can remap them as you please. The first level is easy peasy but after that it's gettin' real tricky.

The Streaking Game

This game takes advantage of the latest streaking-advertising. You run around the field while getting chased by the police and the more you flash your crown jewels the more stash you earn.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dragon Fist 2 Battle for the blade

"Choose your fighter, then use weapons and kung fu skills to fight your way past 18 different opponents to claim the ultimate weapon, the infamous Dragon Blade!"

Ok, it's ugly but the gameplay is really cool.

GlobZ: Mozaïk

From GlobZ who gave us TwinSpin here is, Mozaïk, a challenging puzzle game. Minigames rock!

Il Destino

I love these point and click escape the room games, and here's another one. You start in a nice 3D room and the objective is to get out of the car. This game is made by IDAC the same team that gave us The Bar.

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Attack Time

The rules are really simple. use the arrowkeys to stear and shoot everything that moves!

Dawn of the Dead - Blackout

We got this tip all the way from Japan - thanks Pont-Chan. I'm a big fan of Zombie movies. Ever since I first saw the 1968 classic Night of the living dead I've been hooked. In 2004, the remake of George A. Romeros Dawn of the Dead hit the cinemas and as a zombiefilm, this one delivered. Hordes of horribly disfigured walking dead, a small group of people besieged by them, and scene after scene depicting an infinite number of ways of how to best dispose of attacking zombies (usually containing a lot of headshots and splattered brains). Here's a promotional game from the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Trapped in an underground parking garage, equipped with a trusty pump-action shotgun, you have to try and last for as long as possible. Sweep the area with your barrelmounted flashlight, keep an eye on the in-game radar, and blast the f***ers before they climb the fence and take a bite out of you. Brrraaaains, I need brrraaaaains!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Moronis March

Resembles of good old Lemmings. Bonus for excellent instructions. Created by Bomtoons. Must stop write. Short. Sentences.



This is a brilliant game! Get the yellow ball through the maze by pushing the rows to the left or right.

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This technique tells you (or your rss reader) when a site is updated instead of you´re visiting the site and scan for new content. Sending the info is called RSS-feeds.

All right, what do I need to recieve RSS-feeds?
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XXX – State of the union

Enter the role of undercover-killingmachine-superagent in this wellmade triple X game. Made up of tree separate stages. In the first you have to drive trough a cityscape (in a pimpmobile?!) and find the entrance to a building held by terrorists before the clock runs out. Stage two is a FPS-style shoot 'em up where you have to take out all the terrorists with your oversized handgun and the tird and last is a puzzle - rearrange the wires to stop the bomb. Really nice and well produced but the biggest benefit from the game is that you in effect get three games in one. And that there are no signs of Vin Diesel. Go on, try it out - i know you live for this.

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