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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This is the game I'm looking most forward to on the PSP. This is a online-demo of the game, obviously it's not as good as it will be on the PSP but still you get the idea. Lovely game!

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Mouse Mailer

Help your mouse-buddy through cyberspace! Just click the items and remember that timing is everything!

Toon Crisis

Want to shoot some more stuff? - here's the second shoot'em up of the day. Toon Crisis is an adgame for the new Sony MP3 Walkman Flash. Really ugly "toons" and the game tend to lag when there are too many sprites on stage at the same time, but I find the way the environment is filmed pretty cool. Don't forget to press space to, err, duck.

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Training Targets

Smooth flash targetpractice, good for a coffeebreak at work. Comes in two modes, normal, where you have twelve shots, or survival, where you have limited time. Scores increase by hitting consecutive bullseyes and having quick reactiontimes.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Erde 1 and 2

Hot doggy-style game that has been out for quite some while and and now has got a followup. I'ts exactly the same game, albeit new graphics and the challenge to throw a dwarf instead of hotdogs. Never the less - pretty fun. What's up with germans and their sausages anyway? - remember having a monstrous fleischkraut with cabbage last year in Celle that had me burping sour all the way to Copenhagen...


Polar jump


Yard invaders

This was cute! Defend your duck against the sketchy space invaders by throwing apples at them.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Total lack of graphics #2 Eskiv

Really ugly, really addicting. Collect the squares, avoid the evil blue circles. They will eat your soul.


Warp Forest

Nice one from the same russian that gave us Orbox. 30-level puzzlegame, where you drive your car, shoot at trees, collect special charges to kill creatures, get keycards to open locked doors and grab all the keys to proceed to the next level. Gets progressively harder, so make use of the ability to restart and save your progress.

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Total lack of graphics #1 Fall down

At first sight, this game seems so simple and boring (look at the graphics, ugly comic sans and that standard blue color!) but it turns out to be really great.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Binball Wizard

New from Inbox Digital, I must start off by saying that I'm dissapointed with the graphics, come on guys, this looks like MS Office clipart. But you managed to get med hooked anyway. Just aim and press mouse, hold mouse for more power!

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Van Jellies

This reminds me of that The office episode when Garreth finds his stapler stucked inside a gigant block of jelly.

- And the game?
- It´s fun.



This game idea is so obvious that we´re surprised that we really had to wait to 2006 before we saw it.
- Your brain has been invaded by alien entities so there are absolutely nothing to do but to send a medicare nanobot into your head and clean up the mess.


Friday, May 26, 2006

South Park Pinball

Since Digital Illusions stopped making awesome pinball games and started developing obscure first person shooters like Battlefield 1942 and 2142, the genre has been pretty much left out in the dark. South park tries to do something about the situation here. Developed by Sky work tech.


Steer the ball with your mouse without hitting the walls and other evil stuff.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's springtime in Sweden, and the golfers are out and about, paying ridicilous amounts of money to chase a white little ball into a hole. Here's an alternative in form of a cute and sometimes challenging mini golf game. Goodlooking graphics, conveyerbelts, kickers and teleporters make for a nice and entertaining 10 minutes of golf. Move the mouse up or down to aim. You can increase or lower the power of the shot by moving the cursor farther or closer to the ball. Pretty good, but maybe not quite as good as previously posted Pandaf Golf II.

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New Metal Slug

No, its not the title of the upcoming album by Lordi, its actually a fun and fast paced platform game. The arcade feeling is so strong that you find yourself trying to put coins into your CD-rom slot.


The simple game

It seems like every company in the world would like to be associated with soccer right now. This is Philips contribution. Now, this has some uniqe 3D/video feeling to it that´s worth checking out. (speaking about checking out and sports - you know who is the World Champions in Ice hockey for the moment??)

Squares 2

I´m not sure what they improved since Squares 1. It cant be the graphics, that´s for sure.

Monday, May 22, 2006


This is a really nice but very short Samorost-kind of game. Point and click, solve the puzzles to move on to the next level (Only two, unfortunately). Enjoy, but beware as it will use up a lot of your bandwidth. If you like this one and haven't tried the games from Amanita design, I hereby order you to do so. Samorost 1, Samorost 2, Quest for the rest.

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Tattoo Artist

So, you are over eighteen and moderately sober. You want a chinese dragon on your stomach - pretty weird placement, dude, but hey, the customer's always right. Grab the needle and lay down some ink. Be sure to keep it inside the borders of the traced image, and be quick, as you only got about ten seconds to reach your "goal".

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Cool physics in this one! Roll the wheel and catch as many barrels and bonusstars as possible.


Sunday, May 21, 2006


This is really sadistic. Think this is a adgame by the illustrator Lewis Trondheim. Love the colors and textures. Great piece of work.

Friday, May 19, 2006


And here's another one from the same guy /Ghost) that made the previously posted game. A not-so-stylish puzzler, but yet again my friends - function and playability always wins over style. Drag and drop the coloured blocks onto the board, line up three of the same colour to make 'em disappear.


Seconds of madness

A different spin on avoiding the obstacles-games from russian programmer Alexander Bedenko, aka Ghost. Surf your way through the tube by spinning the walls and obstacles using the arrowkeys.

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Heel over

Isn´t Japan the coolest country in the world? This place has given us ninjas, Matsuda Seiko, super high tech stuff and yeah... inimitable crazy online games. Like this one. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cone Blaster

Another game from Inbox Digital - and by now you know what to expect - great graphics, smooth gameplay, intuitive oneclick interface and of course, the ability to start your own league as well as instant global ranking. This one's a simple shoot'em up, but instead of hairy monsters or goblins you have to hit the flying roadcones. Ten misses and it's over, consecutive hits generates bonuspoints, as well as hitting the guy in the trailer and the lowflying seagull. Higher points are rewarded for hits closer to you. Damn! I'm good!! Checkout the score - and most importantly - the GLOBAL ranking. I. AM. NUMBER. ONE! (For about 2,153 sec. until some snotty nosed little punk beats me with a couple of hundred thousand points..

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Online shoot em up games normally sucks but this is an exception. Hmmm, the sound effects seems familiar.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Waiting game

Fast action, intuitive interface, unbelievable graphics and great choice of music! Try it and you end up playing for days!


Flash adaption of a classic game. Nice and quite addictive little puzzler where you have to combine at least three identically coloured tiles/blocks to remove them from the board and get points. (Oohh! What a novel idea for a game! But hey, it worked pretty well for Tetris, the worlds most addictive and successful game ever) Anyway, this one lets you combine them vertically, horizontally as well as diagonally - wich gives the highest points. Some levels have different goals that you have to achieve, number of tiles removed, specific number of diagonal combinations achieved etc. The tiles come in several different colours, you move your paddle with the arrowkeys (you can hold a maximum number of 5) and drop them on your preferred stack/row with space. I kind of like games like this. Simple idea, well performed, graphically clean and megasuperplayable.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Catch A Crab II

You catch crabs for a living. Wake up, catch some crabs, get invited to strange games by a clown, sell crabs, buy gear, catch some more ... sleep.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lonely Planet: Cities

Prove your geographical skills in this advergame from Lonely Planet.

Hoff Invaders

It´s not only celebrities like 50 cent that get their own games. This time it´s David Hasselhoff that revolutionizes the Space Invaders genre.

Woody Pop

Oooh, you have to turn up the volume for this one as it just will make you, well, happy, I guess - if you are into the classic retrogaming (in this case a 20-year old Sega-game), this one will certainly get your rocks off. Nothing new, it's breakout all over again with a few twists and odd powerups. After each level you have to choose wich direction to proceed to to open ea new level, wich gives the game great replayability value.


Absolutely Hammered!

"It's 4.45 on a friday afternoon and you're knackered!" The crosshair moves reversed, try to hit as many nails as possible. If you get to shakey on the hand have a cup of tea and calm down. You got 15 game-time minutes to earn as much bonus as possible!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blind Shooter

Waiting for the screenshot to load, you're waiting in vain. That IS the screenshot. Title of the game is Blind Shooter and that's what you are. Headphones is almost a must, I tried it with stereo speakers but that's almost impossible. Listen for sounds and turn left or right depending on what you hear, space to fire!

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Bloodbath horror mania 4

Warm up your trigger finger (and don´t you forget to stretch) before you start this time waster. Kill everything you see (including Dr Phil, how the heck did they talk him into this?) apart from the"babes". This is an adgame to promote Scary Movie 4 developed by Spin Communications new media events.

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Rumble Ball 4

Roll your way through the courses by drag, adjust power and release the ball. The more stuff you hit in one stroke the more the score multiplies.

Stan James - Free Kick Challenge

Beat the goalie in this old-school free kick challenge!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The visuals are lame and the music sucks but it has something else that doesn´t need cool real time generated 3D effects. It has an idea. Use your grasbbing hook and try to get as far as possible. Damn, it´s addicting boy.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Final Fortress

MiniClip are known to always drop mad quality, and they sure did this time as well! Final Fortress is a red-alert-ish kind of game. Protect your fort. Use mouse to aim and shoot, R-button to repair damaged units and the B-button to build new units.

Panic Pang!!

Thought first that Panic Pang!! was another crazy Japanese game but apparently this is from South Korea so it´s slightly less over the top.

Wings 1915

Here's one for you Snoopy-lovers. A really smooth flying shooter. Steer your little green biplane (might be a Camel Sopswitch ?) with your mouse and shoot down all the Red Baron Fokkers (no kidding, although, the original Red Baron were flying a triplane...). Collect ammo, fuel and repairsymbols to keep your dogfighting killing spree going. Really nice one!

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Super Soldier

Nice cartoon-ish game. In this game you fight on foot, in a tank or even in a helicopter (I don't know maybe there are more vehicles later in the game). Very nice graphics and smooth effects. Your mission is to capture the flags on the other castles.

The Ultimate Video Game Quiz Challenge: NES

It started with the Atari Quiz, but since I'm an 80's-dude that was waaay to difficult for me, try it if you're an old-school gamer. But if you like me belongs in the Nintendo-generation the Nes Quiz should suit you better. Down since day one? Real gamer? Prove it!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Ringmania 2

Nice gameplay in this Tetris-like game. Wait, I take that back, the only similarity this game has got with that old game is that if you connect 3 or more of one color they will pop and you will score some points! Everything else is new! Give it try and you'll see!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nordic Chill

Maybe now is not the season but who cares. It's time for some wintergames, this game has got it all, skiing and shooting, skii the 1 km and then shoot the 5 targets. To ski, click your mouse button while trying to stay on track by adjusting left and right with the mouse.



Simple game, just pop the numbers in the right order and get the best time!