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Friday, September 29, 2006


Get the blue circle into the grey hollow one by using the............ ROBOCLAW!!

Unusual and great.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Injury Time

I'm pretty sure this particular tactic won't work for England either. Never the less, it's great to be able to beat up the german team as they TOTALLY humiliated (owned) us in the World Cup this summer. Shouldn't be too upset about it though... as a wise man once described the game: " Football is a game for two teams with 11 players on each side, played over 2 x 45 minutes on a grass pitch. The goal is to put the ball between the opposing teams goalposts. And in the end Germany wins."

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The Contraption

Another "get the ball to the goal by using different pieces"-kind of game. But this one will put some serious pressure on you to finish fast. Pretty nice, although it's a real bummer that you have to start all over on level 1 if you don't make the time-limit.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Line Rider

Draw a line and watch the sledge ride along the path. Amazingly entertaining.

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A notpron game for the 1337. How far can you hack your self through the levels? I got to be honest with you. I only managed to clear level 1.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Catch time-on time

Heh... I kind of could sympathize with the comments the creative team on the AD-agency makes as you force them to time-register their work. "I want an assistant!". Advergame for Mactonomy's worktime registring software. Evil stuff. I'll be sure to keep this particular game extra specially hidden from my employers...


Friday, September 22, 2006

The Lake

Click and hold your mousebutton down on the fish to gain speed and then make a jump catch as many flies and dragonflies as possible.

Domino Pressure

I've always been a fan of domino, I don't remember playing domino the way its supposed to be played but I remember tiling them up and then watch the chain reaction. In this game you have to crush the tomato at the end and knocking down all the other pieces before that.



Get ready for a frenzied clickorama. Defend your dot by click-destroying the attackers. Gets pretty intense after a while. ...made it to level 29.

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M&M's Dark Chocolate

M&M advergame for their new dark chocolate where you are supposed to find 50 movies hidden in the picture. A bit weird to choose horrormovies as a theme, as I've always associated M&M's with colourful and happy stuff. I guess they got a hang-up on the "dark" bit. Never the less, it's beautiful in it's Pieter Brueghelesque style and some films are a real challenge. ... "Silence of the lambs" was a bit of a give-away though...


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Just lovely. Nuff' said.

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Ghost rider

The X-men, Spiderman, Hulk and Batman was pretty obvious movie materials. But to make a flick out of Ghost rider was a suprise to me. Does anyone even know about this undead biker anti hero? Could be really cool though since I´m a sucker for super hero movies. (I even thought Spawn was ok.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SWF Roads

"Retro game" remake of the modern classic, Skyroads, from 1993. This one brought some memories back. Memories of frustration and endless "just once mores", that is...

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Monday, September 18, 2006


You are a virus. Spread yourself by dragging the virus and drop ´em onto the blood cells. After each completed level you can upgrade your arsenal and become even more vicious.

Click the Colour

Yesterday was election day in Sweden. A lot of people had a hard time choosing wether to vote green (environment), red (leftwing) or blue (rightwing) ...or brown for the occasional mini nazis. If it looks blue, smells blue but talks red, should you vote, eh, purple? Well, it's not always that easy, I guess. To further illustrate the difficulty of the matter, here's a small game for you indecisive ones.


Chaos Faction

Ugly but ultrafast and big fighting game in flash, with a number of levels, difficulties and gamestyles. Different special weapons on every gameworld guarantees to get you killed a number of times. ...Phew, this one was a bit too intense for a monday morning.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Excite Bike Death

Remember that old 8-bit classic Excite Bike? Have you met it´s evil twin yet? The Excite Bike Death?

Not much of a game but it´s fun in its own gory glory. Ear phones is a must.

Friday, September 15, 2006


This reminds me of something quite interesting I pulled out of my nose last friday. But infinitely more fun. And less gooey, albeit not so salty. Sling the little booger through this multilevel game, avoid traps and interdimensional baddies to save the homeworld. You know the drill.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


Another really wellmade game from Taparo (Same as previous Robo Pinball). Somewhat tricky puzzler where you have to place a bomb and use the blast to propel the ball to the target area. As the levels progresses you have to make use of timing delays, force fields etc. to avoid or take advantage of different obstacles. The game comes in a free downsized online version, a free downloadable one and a full one for purchasing. Quality puzzler indeed.

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Robo Pinball

Aren't we all still waiting for a really good online pinballgame? I know I am (at least until I can muster up the funding to get the real thing at home, but damn, they are expensive...). This one has implemented a few new ideas and was kind of a treat.

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Iron Maiden: A matter of life and death

I found this game two minutes to midnight coming home from acacia avenue. In this game you have to be quick or run to the hills. It gave me piece of mind.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Drag The Dot

Brand new idea! Grapically enhanced! Stunning colours! ...just kidding, but I'm kind of soft for these black and grey blocks n' dot-games. Playable as hell and with a really cool soundtrack. Get the dot to the exit and don't get caught in the various traps.

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DHTML Lemmings

This one's not new either - but what the heck, we haven't posted it before as far as I know. If you like your retro-games, (or is quite, eh, old...) you'll be sure to appreciate this remake of the classic Lemmings all written in Java. Lemmings was originally developed by DMA Design, who later turned into Rockstar North (who has continued to push the boundaries with the GTA-series) and published by Psygnosis in early 1991. And if thats not retro enough for you - stay in the park and feed the friggin ducks.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bill The Demon

...damn, it's been hard to find any real good games lately. This one's OK I guess, as it's always a treat to play as a souleating demon. Keep an eye on the hungerbar, don't dwindle and munch your way through the seven circles of Gehenna!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bomb of Brave Boy!

Quirky title... probably sounds a bit cooler in it's original language. Anyway, nice chinese bomberman clone with the ability to buy powerups and items. All in all, a perfect friday lunchhour distraction.


Thursday, September 07, 2006


Don't know if you actually took up on my recommendations and checked out all the lovely little entries in the JIG Contest. If you were a lazy bastard and did'nt, here's a little highlight you really ought to give a shot. I just love the graphics. (And yeah, I know this particular admission is Swedish, and no, I'm not overly partial because of that fact - I just really enjoyed this little puzzle).

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hyper Sphere

Nothing really new here, but a nice game never the less. You know the drill - roll your Hyper Sphere around the course without falling off and collect the red crystals. Easy enough if it were'nt for the plasma guns, tracking turrets, bots and various contraptions hellbent on making your life miserable.

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Klingemon 2

Drag the smiley shapes into their boxes. When you fail in this one, you feel stupid. Good luck.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moon Man

Asteroids with a new twist. Instead of laserblasting the spacerocks into dust while trying to control your wild spinning, you type in their names backwards. (Roll over mouse to get their names). Time it right and you might use the explosion to propel their small satellite "moons" towards other spacerocks.

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Sesam Katapultt

Last time we met Sesam he had his swimsuit on, this time we go katapulting over the norwegian fjords. We've seen this game a couple of times before but the execution this time is lovely nice graphics and cool soundtrack. Set the angle and strength with spacebar and then use left and right arrows to navigate through air, if you hit a pink cloud hit the up-arrow to boost.

Monday, September 04, 2006


This reminds me of a game we used to play on fieldtrips when I was younger, and I belive we called it naturrutan (translates something like natursquare but nevermind). This is an advergame for a tv-series I never heard of, Psych. They need you and to make sure your up for it they put your memory to the test. You get to watch a room for a short amount of time and then you have to answer a couple of questions about that room. The game is not a hit but it's ok.

wOne 2

Yup. It's basically the same as wOne but with new levels and a tad slickerlooking. Spin the wheel by pressing arrowkeys and collect all the golden balls. As before, simple idea and great use of artificial physics makes this game a really addictive one.


Finger Billiards

Finger billiards, regular billiards little brother, easy to play and a very realistic feel on the balls movement. Maybe not that innovative but I find it a good game anyway!


Bra Blaster

In times of political corectness (election time here in Sweden) maybe some bra blasting could even out. Use your laser to get the girl undressed. Never got far enough to see how nude she actually gets because the game is boring and there's nothing new about it but maybe someone will like it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pong - the text based

Here´s one for all you people that thinks that Pong isn´t that of a challange anymore. What about Pong. Text based? Click on the links to make your move and hope that you feel lucky (punk).


You are a bug and your mission is to move the seeds into their holes. Classic but fun for a couple of minutes.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mouse speed

Keep your concentration at red alert in this simple minigame.

Feed Me

Here's another great game from the talents at Nitrome (same that gave us Roly Poly, Chick Flick and Sandman). It's not everyday you get to play as a meateating plant. So if you got a taste for bugs and bees, this one will certainly get your rocks off. Multilevel platformgame with a fresh way of moving around by extending your neck and biting the floor, walls, roof by simple clicking. Yummy!