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Friday, June 30, 2006


Military tactics, take your convoy on different missions. There's 9 different missions but to play the last 6 you have to do a free registration. Not the best graphics but it's a cool idea!

Gamma Bros

An awesome tribute to old school pixel arcade fun by Pixeljam! Get the Gamma brothers, Buzz and Zap from their workplace at a spacestation near Jupiter, back home to earth. A nice little trip not without complications as there are hordes of evil spaceships and creatures hellbent on putting their everyday commuting to a stop. Great looking, great fun and pretty hard. The game comes in an online version as well as downloadable for Mac and PC.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Revenge of DeBug

So, your flying laptop is equipped with deadly floppydiscs. Keep all the viruses, bugs, spywares, spams etc at bay for as long as you can. It's a shoot-em-up viral game for sunglasses, and I really don't get the connection. The game kind of sucks but needs to be posted for the truly weird and ugly video/commercial leading up to it. You have to see it. Can't decide wether it's hilariuos and brilliant or just awful.

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Ocean Express

Ship ohoy puzzle lovers! This is kind of like Tetris. It's a webdemo, so if you get really hooked, you can buy the downloadable version.


X-treme Tugboating

Do you feel a little down and out? Then it´s time to play X-treme Tugboating. A quite original concept that seems to be harmless in the beginning but evolves into pure madness.

2 many bugs

Draw a line around the same colored bugs to capture them. You know what really bugs me about this game? That it´s pretty hard to complete.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Galactic Gravity Golf

A nice twist on minigolf-games! The 36-hole course is laid in outer space - get your ball (or spacecraft/satellite/whatever) in the black hole by using the gravitational forces to your benefit. Collect bonuses and spacegems for higher scores. In space, no one can hear you scream FORE!


Cool Flame - The Game

Game or interactive movie, like the Hideo Kojima-games it has some long non-skippable movie scenes but we don't care because it's so nice! Point and click and talk to people in this 5-part-episode game for BMW's 1-series. Really nice graphics and cool soundtrack!

Superman Returns - Save Metropolis

Crash rocks and watch out for the kryptonite, at the end of each level there's a bigger object to brake before it hits ground. Not the best game, but hey it's Superman.

Brain Strainer

Time to put your constructional skills to work in this great game from Globalspec! Get the rocketship off the ground by using different pieces and objects as building blocks, bumpers, conveyor belts. Get the ball to hit the button on your launch pad. The tricky part is not to get the ball where it's supposed to go, but to bounce it off enough objects to get sufficient thrust on your rocketship. Might be a bit sluggish on low-spec machines.

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Super Mario Sunshine 64

To describe this game I could say something like "If you look for the word ambitious in a dictionary you would find this game there." But really, that´s not very likely cuz dictionaries usually use definitions that most people could relate to and not many people have any real references to a hobby project, in which someone blended Super Mario Sunshine with Super Mario 64 into a entertaining 2D-version of those aforementioned games, all made in Flash.


Tubin on Lake Tyler

Get your cowboy boats on and lets go tubin! Well executed with a nice touch of 3D-rended animations.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

River Game

Classic. Your objective is to get everybody to the other side, the problem is that everybody doesn't get along that well. It's a little bit of trial and error and some thinking. Move people to the raft by clicking them and then pull the lever, if you're lucky they go, if else you'll see an animation of the problem.

Absolut Search

Every midsummers eve all of Sweden eats potatoes, pickled herring, dances around an inverted flower-ornated fallos and gets absolutely smashed on schnapps. It's a cultural thing. Anyway, here's a nice game from our country's most famous alcoholic beverage - Absolut. You've got two minutes to find as many Absolut bottle-shapes as possible in the picture. There are 82 (which happens to be the exact number of emergency liver hemorraghes reported in our beloved country on midsummers day. Imagine that.) My best is 57. Please, drink up, and beat me.



Oh man, I really suck at this game. 4 tries and I can't get past level 4... am still on recovery from all the schnapps during midsommer. Never the less, it's a good one! Combine the coloured blocks as usual (tree of the same colour removes them and gives score). By the same guy that gave us COMBO a while back.


Monday, June 26, 2006


Sweet graphics in this point-n-click game, actually it's no point-n-click game since you don't use your mouse but other than that it's a typical p'n'c-game. I've only played this game for a short while and i recon there's a lot to discover. One cool feature i found was the MP3 player on the computer!

Tip! I don't know if the creator of this game is working on a 52" monitor or if he's just posessing a super vision, anyway I had a hard time reading the text so I ctrl-klicked and zoomed in one step.


Yeah yeah, quit yapping, I know you seen this kind of breakout game before. But this one is much smoother than the ones I've played before, nicer graphics and some cool power-ups! And besides, nothing beats a classic.

Lose Your Anger

Have you ever run around town just to find a working ATM machine just to have the evil contraption munch up your card? Here's a viral game from Virgin Money to let you vent some of that built up frustration towards your bank. Type in the name of the bank, hold and let go of space to wreak some havoc. Feels good, doesn't it?


Sunday, June 25, 2006

No posts today

Today, Sweden is a nation in grief. We, proud and free Swedes lost the second match against Germany. So we are out from the world cup. No more hambo football.

This means of course that we will not post anything today. We are to unhappy.

- But, isn't this a post?

- Damnit.

Ok, here's Crazy Pool. Go on and have some fun. Now, I'm gonna get drunk.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


It´s been a while since we found a good swapping/remove blocks game but I think this makes it. Great illustrations. Made by Yamago

Nacho kung fu

An adgame for the upcoming comedy Nacho Libre (created by the man who made Napoleon Dynamite. Do I have high expectations or what?) Of coures it not as good as Pro wrestling but that's perhaps too much to ask?

Escape from Rhetundo Island

A Hapland influenced game where you have to pave the way for this stubborn stick figure.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Mr Danger

Draw a line between the platforms so the snowboarding Mr Danger can reach the flag.

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Real rad riding

This is what happens when you decided to eat that last sushi, the one that smelled kinda funny, and went home to finish your latest racing game. Bonus for the warp zone.

Created by Dave Dooley that seems to not taking game development to seriously.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beer League - Pingball

Whatever happened to chromosome-kid Ralph Macchio? You know, from Karate Kid? Well, he has obviously not given up on acting as he's starring in the film which this smooth (albeit, eh, rude) pinball game was made to promote. I'm not so sure about the film (it seems to sucko pretty baddo) but it's always great to get some pinball action, and it looks really good! Thanks to Ashley from Down Under for the tip!

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Interview - Remus

Have you played Quake III Forever in shockwave yet? It looks amazing and work suprisingly well.

We got a short interview with the man behind the code:

Tell me about yourself.
Undead creature born in Romania 39 years ago.

When did you start developing games?
I can't remember. Probably in 1985 (Sinclair Spectrum, Z80 machine code & assembler)

How long has it taken to develop Quake III?
I don't know because is still under development. Over 2 months so far.

What is the key to build a succesful game in your opinion?
Very hard to say because there're too many things involved.
But if you need a simple answer, let's say "the ability to predict".

What will be your next game?
I have a bunch of requests and several projects "on hold". I can't give you an answer at this

What are your favourite games?
1) Warcraft 2
2) Doom 2
3) Deus Ex

Core Salvage -Trial

Oooh, I like this one although it's way too short. A 10-level trial of a downloadable casual game. Sort of a hi-tech version of the old classic breakout. Really nice comic book way to present the story and game controls.


Crash Course Football

Couldn't keep myself from posting yet another World Cup football related game. This time it's from the betting company Ladbrokes. Pick your team and ry to score before full time. Not as easy as it seems, the pitch is slippery as hell and for some mysterious reason your team consists of miniature cars.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Damn Birds

Imagine being a statue in a park somewhere. And being used as targetpractice by crapping after day...enough to loose your marbles, isn't it? Well! Here's a wet dream for all the soiled statues out there. Although with limited mobility - equip yourself with a powerful gun, stock up on ammo and blast away! A bit of tactics is required to survive though - invest wisely, as you're little domain fills up with H5N1-laden birdpoo really fast and you will need better defenses and offensive weaponry as the seasons pass along. Don't take no shit.


Ladybug Sumo

Sorry for not posting for like three days. I ´ve been enjoying a nice weekend trip to Skåne, Österlen.

Here´s Ladybug Sumo. Merge the ladybugs together by moving them toward each other. - One of my favorite games this month.



We got a tip from a foreign country about this word tetris game. Find the hidden words among the falling letters.

Turtle Odyssey

Pretty nice arcadestyle platform jumper from 22-year old flash coder Badim from Kaliningrad in Russia. Guide the overly cute turtle through different dangerous levels. Collect air, coins, rubys, bonuses and follow the instructions on screen to complete the quest. How long can you hold your breath?


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Konishiwa! Time for a cute and moderately weird japanese game again! Defend your eyeball from attacking dots, bugs, squares and homingmissiles by click-dragging a box around them to make'em explode or simply move them to give you some space/be able to box in more at a time. Put the powerups on the eyeball. Keep it up until the evil boss-tank arrives and give it the same courtesy. Very easy on Easy-level. Lovely music.


Hover Bot 2

Hover Bot 2 is the sequel to, you guessed it, Hover Bot. Basically the same game - get through the levels on time by collecting the volts to keep your crappy battery charged. All in all, a nice platform scroller.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Clash n' Slash 2

The original Clash n' Slash is updated - with a story, new graphics and some new bosses. Amazing how many evil aliens there are... and they just keep coming...

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The Hunt: Volvo Pirates of the Caribbean 2

This is an adventure/puzzle game from Volvo inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest.
Somewhere in the world a Volvo XC90 V8 is buried. Treasure hunters then will participate in a challenging, engaging and fun-filled adventure to solve a series of online clues and puzzles.

To be able to win the car you have to be a resident in Japan, US, Austria, UK and Spain. But nontheless you can still register and play the game if you're not a resident in one of those countries. The gamers need to solve puzzles in different destinations and in the end find the coordinates where the car is buried.
It's fun, different, challenging and if I may say so an incredible amazing site!
Happy hunting!

World Cup Smackdown

A pretty lame Flash fighting game from BetFair, with the sole benefit of being able to play as a world cup mascot. And as you've no doubt noticed if you are a moderately frequent visitor at We Are Game, we take the World Cup bloody seriously. So I couldn't keep from posting this one. Sweden vs. England tomorrow... Havent lost a game to the brits in, ah, 38 years I think. (And yeah, I 've already had the swedish mascot beat the english one three times in a row. Easily. And no, that is not the official swedish mascot. She's got even bigger ones...)

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Cool retro pixel-graphics in this nerdy game. Collect font glyphs and store them in your Suitcase. This game is freaky big so if you get lost, a peek on this map might help you out of this 63-room large maze. Cool electro music.

Keep them Uppy

Choose your team and your opponent and try to keep them uppy for as long as possible by not letting them hit the ground. Really sweet graphics in this game and worth a play even though the concept is quite tired.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Gotti: pantsing game

The three sons of John Gotti aka. "Teflon Don" aka. "Dapper Don", known as the last mafia icon in NYC, got a show on TV and this is an advergame promoting the lousy show on A&E. Sneak up on people and pull down their pants. Left, right and space to move.


Surprise, no soccergame! Phew... Sweden won the game yesterday, and we can take a quick breather until the game against England on tuesday. Your phasers and photon torpedoes are fully loaded - it's time for some really intense and smooth arcade action!

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Puma Football

sWEden ARE definetly GAME! Sweden vs. Paraguay 1-0, with only one minute left to full time Fredrik "Freddie" Ljungberg (Arsenal) nods the ball past Bobadilla! Paraguay is now eliminated from group B and we are one step closer to the second round!

And now my excuse for posting this. Puma Football, try to score on Buffon, it's all about luck and no skills in this game. The game takes a little to long from pushing space (shoot) until actually shooting.

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Juan has lost his clothes. Help him walk through the city without anyone sees him. Hide behind garbage cans, threes or traffic lights. Massive respect for the graphics and music.


If you´re getting a little bit tired of all the soccer games we recently published then wash your brain up with this clever puzzle game.

The help section explains the idea best: "Try to link all the marked fields either horizontally, vertically och diagonally. Each marked field can only be linked once."


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Submachine II - The Lighthouse

Mateusz Skutnik has made a sequel to his Submachine game from 2005. Nice moody point n' click puzzles, try them both!
Submachine and Submachine 2

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Dangerous Dave

Another Yeti clone but damn they are playable.